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Dream, Create and Inspire…


I am a dreamer; creator and I can only hope to inspire others to follow their passion as I follow mine.I am a LA based artist and it seems like I have been creating all of my life. I love working with my hands and across all mediums and especially creating or re-purposing items to create a new piece which can inspire.
I find inspiration in my daily life and are always dreaming of new pieces to create so I take inspiration from the simplest of things. I believe art should provoke emotions and inspire you every time you view it.
All the pieces I create are original and are created in my studio by me. I use all mediums and high quality materials in my pieces. All prints are printed in high acid free quality paper with long lasting inks.
Be sure to check out my new projects at my website and to follow me on instagram @jackarbizu for updates on my current projects and new arrivals to my etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/SAPITO1975.

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